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Crisis and Disaster Preparedness

The response to crisis, even more than the crisis itself, has the potential to shape customer, employee, and public perception. How will your airport be perceived in a crisis?


NavAid will partner with your airport to go beyond requirements and address the human element of response. Our holistic, practical, people-first approach to preparedness helps build family assistance into your crisis management DNA, ensuring that even when the worst happens, you will be at your best.

We address the full preparedness cycle with an emphasis on the service delivery process, because whether it’s your employees or your customers and their families, people are at the heart of every response.

Airport Services 

Airport Family Assistance Program Assessment

Our review of your existing airport family assistance program balances real world-needs with operational requirements. Grounded in research and informed by extensive first-hand experience, our team will evaluate your program’s effectiveness and recommend specific steps and strategies for improvement.

Emergency Working Group Development

Crisis response is a multi-stakeholder endeavor; planning should be, too. A strong working group will support your airport’s family assistance efforts by harmonizing response plans and augmenting airport resources. We partner with you to engage the right stakeholders and cultivate collaborative, constructive partnerships to strengthen your plan.

Family Assistance Plan Development and Revision

Airports play a crucial role in survivor and family assistance in the initial hours of a disaster. If local airline response is limited, the airport may be front and center managing information, providing assistance and coordinating reunification until corporate response teams arrive.

NavAid  prepares your airport to meet these initial needs and to manage longer-term response and recovery considerations for any disaster affecting your airport

360 Communications Review

To be credible, messaging must be consistent. If messages -- whether direct or indirect -- are inconsistent or in conflict, it erodes employee, customer, and public trust and can send a well-intended family assistance response off-course.


NavAid understands the many complex facets of family assistance messaging. Our 360 Communications Review  evaluates the themes and threads running through your program documents. We help ensure the message you’re sending is consistent and aligned with your organizational values and priorities.



NavAid's dynamic, interactive and contextualized training does more than convey information; it builds knowledge and confidence. We design and facilitate training for airport family assistance teams, command center staff, senior leadership, and others. Course materials are tailored to meet your airport’s needs, objectives, and the realities of your operating environment.


  • Family Assistance Operations

  • Family Assistance Direct Service

  • Family Assistance Leadership

  • Strategic Crisis Leadership

  • Communication and Messaging

  • Organizational Resilience

Please click here to download our training offerings. 

Exercises and Drills

NavAid's drills start where most drills end. All airports practice lifesaving activities. Very few practice assisting uninjured survivors, managing victim accounting, and communicating with anxious family members in a high-stress environment.


NavAid’s exercises focus on airport family and survivor assistance in the first 12-24 hours after a disaster. From tabletop discussions to full-scale simulations, we exercise your Passenger Gathering Area, Friends and Relatives Center, the reunification process, the transition to an off-site Family Assistance Center, and the vital internal and external communications processes that support them all. Exercises are customized to meet your airport’s needs and operating environment.

NavAid's crisis response solutions equip your organization to be resilient in the face of a crisis.

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