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A robust crisis management program empowers organizations to respond, and not just react, when disaster occurs. In a climate of escalating public expectations, emergency checklists aren’t enough. Effective programs focus on the people they are designed to serve.

NavAid’s approach leads executives, risk managers, emergency response leaders, team members and customer service staff to discover how to implement their family assistance and disaster response program and why it matters to their organization on a very human level. When procedures and priorities are in balance, people can respond with confidence and purpose. 

The NavAid team works with a wide range of clients to develop customized crisis response and family assistance (family information) programs and services, including: 


Local government

Non-governmental organizations

Arts organizations


Services include program assessment; plan development; training, including notification and family liaison training; and exercises. Contact us to learn how NavAid can customize a program to meet your organization’s crisis preparedness needs.

In the rapidly evolving, unstable environment of a crisis, how well you respond depends on how well you’ve prepared.
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