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The NavAid team has engaged in industry 

Barich, Inc. regularly engages in industry-wide research efforts resulting in published reports and journal articles. These efforts have consistently contributed to improving key business processes and developing best practices as well as furthering industry education and market outreach.

Flying is one of the safest modes of transportation today. However, accidents do occur and when they do, the aftermath is often devastating for everyone involved. When there is an airplane crash, images of twisted metal, debris and personal belongings are typically the images we create in our mind. Of course with today’s instant media coverage, the images in our mind are close to the images of reality. An aviation disaster is like no other. The emotions are different. They are stronger. The sudden loss of life is excruciating. How do survivors and family members integrate this often horrific experience into their new lives? Each person is different in how they handle their grief but most, if not all, share a common theme. Each is resilient in their own way. Each person bounces back and moves forward. The will to survive is great. I am amazed after responding to 8 fatal aviation accidents to experience first hand, the humanity, the compassion and the empathy of the survivors, family members and responders in the aftermath of an aviation accident. Resilience: Stories of Courage and Survival in the Aftermath of Air Disasters is about Resilience, Courage and Survival.

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